Your teeth are in high demand every single day. They’re made to withstand that demand, but sometimes, things happen that can make your teeth become weak, infected, or lost entirely.
Fortunately, there are experienced dental professionals in Pompano Beach, FL who can help you!
When you think about restorative dentistry, you might assume that it’s the kind of dental work that will be obvious to the world. But the truth is, at Restorative & Implant Dentistry, you can get restorative treatment that not only helps your teeth work properly, make eating more comfortable, and give you a smile that’s as beautiful as ever!
Keep reading today’s blog about how we can do that so you’re living comfortably and confidently!

Replace Missing Teeth With Dental Implants

Just to clarify, you don’t really replace a missing tooth with a dental implant… technically speaking. You’re really using an implant to replace the tooth root of your missing tooth. The dental implant will be placed inside that empty space where your tooth used to be, and as you heal, it’s working feverishly to adhere to your jawbone and promoting more healthy bone growth at the same time.
The actual replacement tooth is usually a dental crown that fits on top of your dental implant. But the point is, the implant literally becomes a part of you, allowing you to resume the lifestyle and diet you had before you lost any teeth. Dental implants are the strongest, longest-lasting replacement strategy in dentistry today!

Treat Decayed Teeth With Composite Fillings

You’ve been warned since childhood about how sugar causes cavities. In fact, maybe you’ve even had a dental filling to treat a decayed tooth as an adult.
In our Pompano Beach, FL dental office, we offer a more attractive alternative to dark, silver fillings. Instead, you can choose our e. Max porcelain and tooth-colored resin as a solution.
This means that you don’t have to sacrifice the appearance of your smile with a dark filling, but instead, treat the tooth decay and look great as a result!
Tooth decay can sometimes ravage a tooth to such an extent that a standard filling won’t do the trick. A regular filling works well for smaller cavities because there’s enough healthy enamel that it can bond to. If it’s too big, however, a dental crown is a great solution!
It covers and seals the cavity and protects it from getting worse, all the while looking incredibly natural. No one will ever notice!

Treat Infected Teeth With Root Canal Therapy

Although it isn’t a guarantee, many times you’ll know if a tooth is infected. That’s because an infection that moves into the inner canals of a tooth can be close enough to your root that pain will be inevitable and fierce.
It can be the type of intense pain that rivals the maniacal character portrayed by Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction… it’s NOT going to be ignored!
But our restorative dentists can treat the infected tooth with root canal therapy. This will eliminate the infection, get you out of pain, and ultimately save your tooth, which is always our ideal scenario.
If infection has damaged your tooth enough, we can even finish off the root canal treatment with a dental crown that looks natural and fits comfortably.

Schedule Restorative Treatment Now!

This year, you can make a decision to eat more comfortably and smile more confidently by scheduling restorative treatment now.
Think back on all those holiday family get-togethers over the past year. Recall the special events you attended where you met new people.
How much time and energy did you waste feeling anxious or insecure about your teeth or your smile instead of enjoying the moment? How many times did you dodge a camera out of embarrassment or cover your mouth when you laughed at someone’s hilarious joke? How many foods did you pass up because chewing was too uncomfortable?
Now ask yourself how much time and energy you want to waste this year for all the same reasons? Ask yourself whether you want to avoid delicious foods that you love all over again?
Our team at Restorative & Implant Dentistry have an idea! Choose to enjoy yourself no matter the occasion this year. We can restore your smile so you feel and look great in 2018 with restorative dentistry.
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