Summertime here in Pompano Beach, FL brings in tourists who traveled from all over the world who want to enjoy our beautiful part of the country. And who can blame them? We have some of the most lovely attractions in the state right here at home.
But tourists aren’t the only ones traveling this summer. Many of our patients are snowbirds who travel back to their homes in all parts of the country during the summer months to see friends and family.
Among those of you who do a lot of traveling, how many of you have to find creative ways to pack your CPAP machine so you don’t have to suffer the restless nights with sleep apnea while you’re away?
Then you know that it can sometimes be a hassle. Fortunately, you have alternative options for your sleep apnea treatment. That’s what we’re talking about in today’s blog!
You shouldn’t have to forego a restful sleep just because you want to go and visit your family over the summer months. But if you have a long plane ride, let’s face it. Your options sleeping comfortably are limited if you have a CPAP machine.
Our team at Restorative & Implant Dentistry want you to know about the sleep apnea treatment options you’ll find in our Pompano Beach dental office and how it can make your summer travel plans a lot more restful!

The Trouble With A CPAP Machine

First, it’s important that we make something clear. We don’t have anything against CPAP machines. They are a very common form of treatment for sleep apnea patients, and that’s because they’re so effective.
CPAP, which stands for continuous positive airway pressure, is a machine that pushes air through your airways while you sleep so you can get some rest without constantly jerking yourself awake because you can’t breathe.
It’s an effective method, but it does have its limitations.
For one thing, there are the air tubes that sort of get in the way. It also comes with a mask patients have to wear. Actually, it’s usually because of the mask that studies find so few patients actually use their CPAP machine on a consistent basis.
You also have to always make sure you’re near an outlet because it has to be plugged in to work. This isn’t always practical or convenient, especially while you’re traveling. And if you’re on a long flight and want to sleep, your options are to find an outlet and let the noisy machine help you sleep, or you can skip the CPAP, snore loudly, and disrupt everyone else’s sleep!
So what’s the alternative?

Consider An Alternative Sleep Apnea Treatment

How would you like a sleep apnea treatment that allows you to breathe easily, save room in your suitcase, and doesn’t require a mask or an electrical outlet to work?
You can have that at Restorative & Implant Dentistry thanks to our sleep apnea oral appliance. The way it works is that Dr. Slootsky or Dr. Baez can fit you for an oral appliance that works much like an athletic mouthguard.
The appliance fits perfectly over your upper and lower teeth, and it brings the lower jaw forward so your airway stays open while you sleep. And since it’s like a mouthguard you’ve probably seen before, you know that it requires no mask, no outlet, and no tubes to carry around.
Think of how much easier it would be to make these trips every summer without having to sacrifice sleep just to go back to your home base to see people you care about? Think about how much easier packing and navigating through a busy airport would be with a travel sized sleep apnea treatment you could fit in your front pocket!

A Sleep Apnea Treatment You Can Fit In Your Pocket

If you’re someone who relies on a CPAP machine to treat your sleep apnea, consider trying a custom-fitted oral appliance from our Pompano Beach dental office for effectiveness and convenience!
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