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Our last article talked about some foods that can help your smile. Now we are going to get into some foods that hurt your smile. Your diet needs to benefit your oral health. You need your teeth to be healthy not only for your appearance but for your overall health too. Take few moments to find out what foods you should avoid or at least limit as part of your diet.  
5 Foods That Increase Risk of Tooth Decay and Other Smile Problems

  1. Coffee

Many people depend on coffee to be productive. While we know coffee is hard on the appearance of our teeth, there are things that you can do to minimize the impact. Try limiting the amount of coffee you drink in the morning to one to two cups at most. Also, consider not drinking any coffee after a certain time in the morning. Besides helping the color of your teeth, limiting your coffee intake will also help you avoid a caffeine dependency, as well as any sleep issues that come with consuming caffeine after a certain point in the day. Rinse your mouth out after drinking coffee to wash the staining particles from your teeth and help them remain white.
2. Tea
One wouldn’t think it, but tea (especially black tea) can be very harmful to the appearance of your smile. Tea is great for relaxing, and some tea (green tea) has shown the ability to help ward off gingivitis, but it can stain your teeth over time. Take a moment and rinse your mouth out afterward, or better yet, brush your teeth to help lessen the staining effects that come from drinking tea.
3. Wine
Red wine is especially hard on your teeth. Drink too much of it, and you end up with teeth that are tinted purple. As with tea and coffee, we know you won’t cut this beverage out of your diet completely, but moderation can go a very long way. Also, rinsing and brushing following your nightly drink will help your teeth fight the staining effects of this beverage.
4. Hard and Soft Candies
Now we are getting into foods that you should cut out of your diet if at all possible. There is no health benefit from eating candy. They are packed full of sugar, and those sugars have a tendency to stick around your mouth, fueling gum disease–causing bacteria and tooth decay. If you do eat some of these candies, please rinse your mouth and brush your teeth. The last thing you want is your Jolly Rancher habit causing you to need a tooth filling.
5. Soda Pop
The acidic nature of these beverages coupled with the massive amounts of sugar they contain make soda pop a virtual terminator for your dental enamel – and unlike the real Terminator, your dental enamel will not “be back.” Once you lose your enamel, it is gone forever. Substitute your need for a sugary beverage with some ice water with lemon and maybe a little sugar, or some low-sugar fruit juice. Almost anything is better for your teeth than soda pop.
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