Since it’s February, we thought it was a great time to help you love your smile again.
At Restorative & Implant Dentistry in Pompano Beach, FL, we can fit you for high-quality dentures so you can get your complete, healthy smile back.
It also doesn’t hurt that dentures can give you a more youthful smile, too!
Today, we’re talking about how!

Dentures Give You A Youthful Smile

Once you hit the age of 35, your risk for losing teeth only increases as you age. But the truth is, no one is completely safe from tooth loss.
You could be a teenager who’s lost teeth in an accident or sports injury.
You could be a mom who’s struggled for years with dental anxiety and lost teeth for lack of dental care.
Anyone can face the decision of replacing missing teeth no matter the age.
But here’s just another problem you face from tooth loss: premature aging. Because missing your teeth will make the skin on your face and jaw loose, it sags, wrinkles, and gives your cheeks an older, sunken in look that ages you much too early.
Finely-crafted dentures from Restorative & Implant Dentistry can preserve your youthful smile by filling out your face appropriately.

Quality Dentures Make All The Difference

At your initial consultation, you will sit down with one of our dentists and fill them in on your goals. Once we have a better idea of the kind of lifestyle you hope to maintain and know your specific dental needs, we can zero in on your best tooth replacement strategy.
Then we begin your journey toward customized dentures that will help you live the life you want with a healthy, confident, younger-looking smile!

Caring For Your Dentures Is Simple

Just like anything you want to preserve, dentures require a certain amount of care. We try to keep things simple and stress-free for our patients, and our dentures are no exception.
With traditional full dentures, proper fit is key. So that will mean visiting us every so often to ensure your dentures continue to fit nicely. Once dentures become loose, you risk irritating, or even damaging, your gums. You’ll also notice that chewing becomes uncomfortable, or at times even painful.
Maintenance visits to keep your dentures tight is the only way to avoid that.
Similar to your daily oral hygiene routine, dentures need to be cleaned each day, too.
You’ll do this for the same reasons you brush and floss your teeth, and that’s to keep them looking great and keep bacteria at bay.
Removable dentures allow you to clean them easily and take them out after meals to rinse them easily, as well.

Dentures Made Stronger With Dental Implants

Traditional dentures aren’t your only option in our Pompano Beach dental office. Even if you prefer dentures, it’s not the kind of all-or-nothing choice you might think it is.
What we can do at Restorative & Implant Dentistry is make your dentures stronger with dental implants.
Whether you’re looking to replacement an entire set of teeth or part of a set, dentures secured with a few dental implants are a gamechanger!
That’s because implants lock together with your own jawbone so your dentures remain locked in place while you eat and speak.
Imagine how much burden would be lifted if you could eat whatever you wanted or be socially active without the stress and worry about your dentures shifting around!

Find Out If Dentures Are Right For You!

Tooth replacement is a necessity. You can’t continue living with missing teeth without suffering the consequences. Tooth loss only leads to more tooth loss.
It also results in bone and gum deterioration and a litany of health problems caused by gum disease infection.
Choosing to just live with the ramifications and limitations of tooth loss simply isn’t an option.
The options you do have, however, are tooth replacement solutions that work at Restorative & Implant Dentistry in Pompano Beach, FL.
Dr. Slootsky and Dr. Baez are both extensively trained and highly skilled in giving patients a complete smile that benefits their confidence, state of mind, and overall health.
We also have the technology to customize dentures that fit well and allow you to preserve your youthful appearance.
Discover the difference quality dentures can make for your life. Call our Pompano Beach, FL dental office today at 954-590-0538 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.