At our Pompano Beach FL dental office, we know that the smile is the first thing people notice. You immediately see the brightness of the teeth, if there are gaps in the smile, and the straightness of the teeth.
There is scientific evidence — performed by the Kelton Global —  that shows the smile is the most important thing when it comes to making a good first impression. The study found that the smile is more important than the hair, the clothes we wear, and even what we say. That’s a powerful thing.
Our office can change your smile with revolutionary dental implants or even services like Invisalign, a system that uses clear aligners to gradually straighten your teeth. Invisalign has become our go-to service for straightening teeth. It’s efficient, noninvasive, and virtually invisible. Instead of clunky brackets and wires, Invisalign uses clear, removable aligners.

Here are a few reasons our patients love Invisalign:

  • They have the power in the treatment. Some patients with traditional braces feel held captive by the treatment. That’s not the case with Invisalign, as the aligners are removable, allowing you to eat whatever you want — a huge advantage over traditional braces — and easily clean your teeth. We only ask that you wear the aligners at least 20 hours a day to achieve optimal results.
  • Invisalign is subtle. Adults love our Invisalign treatment as it blends in with your smile. We all know that braces stick out like a sore thumb. Our plastic trays are virtually invisible. In fact, some patients have gone through their entire treatment, and their closest family members had no idea.
  • Invisalign treatment is fast. The average Invisalign treatment is completed between 12 and 18 months. That’s already an improvement over traditional braces, which often take more than two years. But in many cases, we can complete your Invisalign treatment within a few months. If you only have a few mildly teeth, you can expedite your treatment with Invisalign Express. This treatment can be finished in just about three to six months, saving you time and money!
  • Invisalign is comfortable. While Invisalign tray changes — much like traditional braces — can cause some sensitivity, the trays are more comfortable than traditional brackets and wires. With Invisalign, patients don’t have to worry about brackets or wires irritating their cheeks and gums.

In many cases, patients believe they need Invisalign or orthodontics, but the reality is they can benefit from space maintainers. Our space maintainers help us to keep a healthy space between teeth to keep the teeth from shifting or crowding.
What Happens after Invisalign?
Once the teeth are straightened, we like to keep them that way! After all, it’s your investment, and you should protest it — and your new beautiful smile. A retainer can help cushion the bite and make the bite stable. A more stable bite means the teeth with touch with equal balance. This is important because if a tooth hits with more force than other teeth, that tooth will likely move.
We can solve a variety of dental problems with Invisalign, including crooked teeth, recessed teeth, gapped teeth and even mild bite problems. You can be on your way to better smile after just one visit in our office. Call us today 954-590-0538.