PRF Technology Boosts Your Healing in Pompano Beach

Dr. Alan Slootsky and our other Pompano Beach, FL dentists use the latest dental technology throughout our practice to offer you the highest quality care. For example, a material called PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) promotes healing following dental implant placement, tooth extractions, and other procedures. Dr. Joel Baez is the first dentist in the Pompano Beach area to have trained in and performed advanced PRF treatments.

We will run a small amount of your own blood through a centrifuge to produce the platelet-rich fibrin. When applied to an extraction site or similar area, it releases proteins and other restorative substances. It concentrates your body’s healing power and puts it right where it’s needed. The result is a faster and more comfortable recovery!

In addition to a quicker recovery, you can experience these benefits:

  • Because platelet-rich fibrin uses your own blood and contains no additives, chemicals, or other foreign substances, the risk of allergic reactions or other side effects is nearly nonexistent.
  • It can be combined with bone graft material to spur new bone growth prior to dental implant placement or other procedures.
  • It promotes healthy clotting, which helps prevent dry socket, infection, and other post-extraction complications.
  • Platelet-rich fibrin lessens swelling and reduces discomfort.
  • It helps keep your extraction site healthy and lessens bone loss until you are ready for a tooth replacement like a dental implant.
  • To visit a practice that puts your comfort first with patient-friendly technology, call 954-590-0538.

We Use Other Technology and Sedation to Ensure Your Comfort

Our dentists use high-tech tools for virtually every treatment, from simple ones like dental exams and tooth fillings to more complicated procedures like wisdom tooth extractions and implant placement. Our CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) provides detailed, 3D images of your mouth that help us make accurate diagnoses and plan your procedures.

Other tools that can make your visits smoother include:

  • A diode laser, for fast and nearly painless treatment of gum disease
  • Air abrasion, for filling cavities with minimal impact on your healthy tooth structure
  • A Prophy Jet, for gentle but thorough teeth cleaning

If you’re still anxious about undergoing any procedure, you can receive dental sedation. You can choose inhaled or oral sedation in the form of a pill.
For more information on PRF or other treatment advances, call Restorative and Implant Dentistry at 954-590-0538.