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The team here at Restorative and Implant Dentistry will always look for the least invasive dental treatment to fix your dental issues. Sometimes, the only solution to preserve your oral health is oral surgery. Oral surgery can also make dental implants possible. We offer tooth extractions and grafting procedures all in-house. Call our Pompano Beach, FL dentist office today at 954-590-0538 to schedule your appointment and consultation for Oral Surgery Pompano Beach, FL.

What Oral Surgery Does Restorative and Implant Dentistry Offer?

Our dentists are highly trained in surgical procedures to give you the best dental care possible. To help provide that, we use modern technology, such as CBCT imaging and 3D X-rays, to plan your treatment. We also have dental sedation so you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed during your time with us.

Here are the main oral surgery procedures we provide:

  • Tooth Extractions – If you need a tooth extracted, we have the skills and experience to make sure you are taken care of properly during and after your surgical procedure.
  • Wisdom Teeth Extractions – Many people have their wisdom teeth removed, whether due to a crowded mouth, small jaw, or the teeth coming in improperly. Trust a practice with more than 35 years of experience to safely remove your wisdom teeth.
  • Ridge Augmentation – Following a tooth extraction or injury, you may have a deformity in the appearance of your jawbone. With a ridge augmentation procedure, we can repair the deformity, provide replacement bone and gum tissue, and restore your appearance.
  • Sinus Lifts – If you want dental implants on your upper arch but are lacking the required bone mass, a sinus lift can build up bone. Your dentist will gently lift a portion of your upper jawbone into your sinus cavity. After filling the open area with a bone substance, your jawbone mass will increase as new bone grows in the area.
  • Gum Grafts – In order to correct gum recession, we can take gum material from one area of your mouth and graft it onto the affected area. This new gum material will correct your appearance and stimulate new gum growth in the area.
  • Bone Grafts – By taking bone from one area of your jaw and grafting it into an area with insufficient bone, we can stimulate new bone growth and increase your bone mass before dental implant placement.

Get the Oral Surgery You Need From Restorative and Implant Dentistry

No matter what your dental care needs are, Dr. Alan Slootsky and his team are here for you. Call our Pompano Beach, FL dentist office today at 954-590-0538 to schedule your appointment for Oral Surgery Pompano Beach, FL. You can use our online form to schedule your appointment also.

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