It’s Christmas in June here at Restorative & Implant Dentistry!
That’s because we offer an orthodontic solution that can allow you to enjoy a beautifully straight smile in less time than traditional braces. It’s our Invisalign Express, and by starting your treatment this summer, you could have a smile you’ll want to show off just in time for all those holiday festivities that make the end of the year so exciting and memorable.
We can all relate to things sneaking up on us. No matter how many reminders we give ourselves about upcoming events or occasions or seasons, inevitably some will fall through the cracks.
Say you have a summer wedding you’ll be attending. You might tell yourself months in advance that you’re going to get in shape for that great suit or stunning dress you plan on wearing. And with each passing week leading up to the wedding, things keep unexpectedly popping up and consuming your time. So you might keep putting off that gym membership until next week when you have more time for workouts.
But before you know it, the week of the wedding arrives, and you’re left scrambling for a plan B outfit because you never had the chance to shed the last few pounds to fit into your plan A outfit. This specific example may not have happened to you before, but the overall concept is something we all experience from time to time.
Today’s blog will hopefully help you avoid a similar trap. By calling Restorative & Implant Dentistry today, you could get started with Invisalign Express early enough to have the holiday smile you want!

What Makes Invisalign Express The Perfect Gift For Yourself?

With all the options in adult orthodontics that have become popular in recent years, it’s important to look at what sets Invisalign Express apart. So here are a few things that make this type of treatment attractive to adults seeking orthodontic solutions to their crooked smile!


We’re not being overly dramatic when we say that a lack of confidence keeps you from living your best life. If you’ve ever felt insecure about having crooked teeth, or about any aspect of your appearance for that matter, you know exactly what we’re talking about!
When you don’t feel confident about your smile, you stay comfortably on the sidelines of life to avoid embarrassment or judgment. Remember back to the holiday season of last year and all the parties you attended (or the ones you may have avoided altogether!). Maybe you dreaded that one gathering, but you went anyway out of a sense of obligation. And perhaps you had a so-so time, but it was punctuated by moments of discomfort because you had to keep fighting the urge to laugh or smile so as not to show your teeth.
This isn’t fun. This is not your best life. You can have more than that. You can have a smile you feel good about that will allow you to come off the sidelines and join the circle to laugh and enjoy the company of others. Invisalign Express can help you do that!

It Gives You COMFORT!

If you’re familiar at all with Invisalign, you know it uses a series of custom clear aligners that gently shift your teeth into proper position. It’s a faster method of treatment than traditional braces, and can usually be completed in about a year.
Invisalign Express uses the same clear aligner method, but it does so only for the teeth that show when you smile. This is what makes the treatment even faster than Invisalign. So rather than wearing the trays for about 12 months, you wear Invisalign Express for anywhere from three to six months.
This is more comfortable than the wires of traditional braces because the plastic aligners won’t poke at the soft inner tissue inside your mouth, and because you don’t have to endure the treatment for nearly as long.
Invisalign Express, we should mention, is only right for patients who have crooked teeth but don’t have significant bite alignment issues. The only way to know for sure if you’re a good candidate for this treatment option is to call our Pompano Beach dental office today to schedule an appointment!

It Gives You TIME!

Like we said before, the treatment plan with Invisalign Express lasts three to six months depending on your orthodontic needs. So you could possibly have a straight smile in time for the holidays, or maybe even in time for the holiday shopping season! 

Hop On The Invisalign Express NOW!

Are you ready to get started on your journey to a straighter holiday smile?
Then give us a call today at 954-590-0538 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment and find out if Invisalign Express is the right treatment for you!