Facts To Ponder About Your Dental Health [BLOG]

An important day is approaching, but many people aren’t even aware it.

It’s World Oral Health Day, celebrated all across the globe every year on March 20.

Our experienced dentists and skilled staff at Restorative & Implant Dentistry are committed to helping you have the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve, which is why that’s our focus in today’s blog.

Facts To Ponder About Your Dental Health

If you really want to keep your mouth healthy, you need to be armed with the facts!

Here are several of the lastest tidbits about your dental health to ponder as we inch closer to World Oral Health Day on March 20!

*Healthy Gums Mean Healthy Teeth*

You might assume that tooth loss is mostly due to accidents, injuries, or tooth decay. But you’d be wrong.

The major cause of adult tooth loss is gum disease, which is why it’s more important than ever to keep those routine dental appointments!

Just two professional cleanings and exams per year can make all the difference in keeping your teeth and gums save from this insidious, dangerous infection!

*Tooth Enamel Is Tough*

You want your teeth to last a lifetime, and one of the ways that’s even possible is thanks to our tooth enamel. It’s tough!

In fact, it’s the hardest substance in your entire body! Enamel is the barrier that stands between harmful bacteria and the vulnerable inside tissues of your teeth.

You can help your tooth enamel remain tough by getting plenty of calcium and protein, as well as lots of water each day!

*Much Of Your Teeth Are Hidden*

A little over 30% of your tooth is hidden underneath your gumline, which means that if you’re not flossing once a day, a good portion of your teeth aren’t being cleaned.

What’s more, studies show that most adults in this country admit that they don’t floss everyday!

If you’re one of them, that’s a habit we suggest you start today! It’s the best way to remove debris and prevent plaque and tartar buildup from forming and developing into gum disease.

*Dental Implants Are Synthetic Roots*

Replacing missing teeth is nothing new, but the last few decades have seen a revolutionary method that now lead in tooth replacement options.

Dental implants do something other methods don’t, which is to act like a new tooth root. That’s possible thanks to the titanium metal that’s placed inside your jaw. It fuses to your bone and builds its strength over time for a lasting, powerful bite.

If you are missing one or more teeth, be sure to visit our Pompano Beach dental office to see if implants are right for you!

*The Infection Connection*

We see more and more evidence of the infection connection every year.

Studies are telling us that gum disease infection is linked to serious health problems elsewhere in your body. More studies are needed to explain why the connections exist, but there’s no dispute that people with gum disease show higher risks for stroke, type II diabetes, heart disease, chronic depression, and the list goes on.

The best way to keep that from happening to you is to practice good oral hygiene at home and to visit us at least twice a year for professional cleanings and exams.

*Sleep Apnea Is More Common Than You Think*

About one in five American adults suffer from sleep apnea. As if that weren’t shocking enough, the scary part is that of those people, many of them probably don’t even know they have it!

The first sign of sleep apnea is loud snoring, but what if you live alone? You might not have anyone next to you to nudge you during the night if you’re snoring. So how would you know?

You can come to Restorative & Implant Dentistry for a simple sleep test to see if you have sleep apnea, and we can help you find solutions so you avoid the health risks of this condition.

*Follow The 2 Minute Rule*

You probably already know to brush your teeth twice a day, but many people aren’t aware that the time you spend with each session makes a difference.

The ADA tells us to follow the two-minute rule, which means each time you brush your teeth, you should be spending at least that amount of time to clean most thoroughly.

Try out one of the timer apps on your smartphone to make sure you’re meeting that recommendation!

*A Dry Mouth Is An Unhealthy Mouth*

It’s hard to believe that your body makes nearly a quart of saliva every single day!

Although it might sound like a lot, it’s necessary in order to protect your teeth and gums from acid erosion and harmful plaque bacteria.

Saliva washes away bits of food that remain after you’ve eaten, but when you don’t produce enough of it, the dryness in your mouth leaves your smile vulnerable to attack.

Talk to one of our dentists about your concerns if you’ve been experiencing dry mouth.

*Your Dental Health Is In Your Hands*

So much information at once can be pretty overwhelming, and maybe even a bit intimidating.

We hope you’re reassured knowing your dental health is in your hands.

When you have the facts, it’s easier to make the best decisions every single day that will help you prevent the dental problems we mentioned today from affecting your smile

But keep in mind that even though you’re in control, you’re never alone!

You have our team in Pompano Beach, FL to give you routine cleanings and exams to protect your teeth and gums.

Learn More About Your Dental Health!

With new studies hitting the dentistry scene all the time, you want to make sure your dentist stays abreast of the latest research so you get the best care.

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