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Pompano Beach Dental Office Relaunches Website, Adds State-of-the-Art Features

POMPANO BEACH, FL — A Pompano Beach restorative and implant dentistry practice has rolled out a new website with enhanced features and modern tools. The new website,, was rebooted shortly before the end of 2016 and was designed by Dr. Alan Slootsky and his team at Restorative and Implant Dentistry. The site can be accessed from any computer or ...

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Dental Care for a Healthy Baby

The test just came back positive, but you're already being bombarded with advice and pregnancy stories from friends, family and people you've just met. Some stories are helpful, while others are simply frightening. "The first time I was pregnant, complete strangers were stopping me on the street to tell me about their experiences," said Khristen Vanderwey, 33, of Lake Worth. "I probably heard ...

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Dr. Slootsky mentioned in A Job To Smile About

Rich Cea straps on a sleek-looking device that combines headphones and goggles and settles back, waiting for the DVD movie to start. Cea, a bit squeamish when it comes to dental procedures, loves the idea of losing himself in The Thomas Crown Affair while east Fort Lauderdale dentist Bill Balanoff performs a root canal. "The movies really help," said Cea, 38, "They take you away from ...

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Training To Reach The Summit

Dentist Alan Slootsky knows that, for some people, a climb into his chair is a difficult challenge. But to him, perhaps the more difficult climb is the one he'll start Friday: a rigorous, two-day jaunt up 14,411 feet to the summit of Mount Rainier near Seattle. Slootsky, of Boca Raton, will be making the hike with his 17-year-old son, Erick, and 23 other dentists from across the country as ...

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Top Dental Pro in Pompano Beach, FL for superior results using Invisalign

Pompano Beach, FL. Top Dental Pros has awarded Dr. Alan Slootsky the prestigious Five Star Achievement Award for his extraordinary success using the Invisalign system to improve patients’ smiles and boost their confidence. Dr. Slootsky is the only dentist in the Pompano Beach area to receive this recognition. Dr. Slootsky has extensive experience in restorative dentistry, and has trained with ...

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Is There a Link to Breast Cancer and Oral Health?

Dr. Alan Slootsky Featured in October Boca Delray LifeIt has been well publicized that there is a growing link between oral health and medical health. Gum inflammation is a marker for generalized inflammation in the entire body. When your gums are chronically inflamed, you are more susceptible to problems with diabetes, heart attacks, pregnancy complications, and recently even Alzheimer’s ...

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